Where have we been and where are we now?

We are currently in the Adelaide Hills. We travelled back from Albany to spend Christmas with family and due to the fires between SA and WA could not get back to WA where we had another house sit in Porongurup. So we stayed in Adelaide as we had a family wedding to go to in March. Then COVID-19 comes along and so we’re here for what seems like a long time. Sorry the map has not been updated for a while. Vic has been busy building websites and creating software for booking tours for the tour industry and well, with COVID-19 it’s not a good time for that! So he’s busy working on creating online courses teaching business owners how to build their websites so they can work from home during this pandemic we’re in. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Click on the blue placemark on the map then click the link to read the blog post for that camp.

Apologies that our blogs are behind. We’re trying to get them up to date. This latest blog post was added on 9 Sep when we travelled from the Great Australian Bight to Afghan Rocks (nice place!) near Balladonia then to Norseman.

From the SA/WA border to Afghan Rocks near Balladonia then to Norseman

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