We’re no different than most people, we still need to work…<sigh>. But it helps if you enjoy what you’re doing, and the location you’re working from is awesome. It’s why we chose this lifestyle. The opportunity to discover new places, meet new people and make new friends. However, the expenses still accumulate (diesel, mobile phone, repairs/maintenance) to name just a few.

Vic studied Computer Science and started his own business after University, developing software for industrial control, manufacturing and accounting. Following that, he started a website company called Alltraders that he sold in 2007, but went back to manage some of their projects until we moved to Melbourne in 2012, then later to Bendigo in 2015. He currently does IT consulting, software projects and website development through his company Align Systems. Vic’s passions include camping, fishing and photography, and trying to taste every craft beer in Australia, all the while lamenting why he didn’t build a brewery instead of sitting behind a computer. He is an outdoors person and is looking forward to helping with general farm tasks, is quite handy on a motorbike and doesn’t mind trying his hand at fixing things.

If you’re in need of a software solution for your business, or a new or updated website, please contact Vic via his company’s website Align Systems or email him here. Or if you just need some great photos taken for your marketing or website, he’d love to do that too!

If you require someone with great organisational skills, administrative work done, or help with organising events or tourism opportunities, then Leonie is your perfect choice. She can be contacted via email here.

We are also registered with Farm Sitters Australia, so if you’re a farmer wanting a well deserved break, look us up and if we’re in the area (give or take a few thousand K’s if the stay is long enough!), we’d be honoured to look after your farm. If there’s some paid work we can help you with, even better!